Add ability to Queue Z-Wave Firmware Updates

I would love to be able to update all of my z-wave firmware with the click of one button. It’s very nice that you can now update firmware from Home Assistant now and you don’t have to go into Z-Wave JS to do it but if you try to update more than one device at a time you get the error "Failed to call service update/install. zwave_error: Z-Wave error 1508 - Failed to start the update: A firmware update is already in progress on this network! (ZW1508)”.

It would be nice if you could queue the updates so they run back to back. I have about 30 z-wave devices and it takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to over an hour to update each one. I’m now on day 3 of updating my devices because of distractions and my ADHD I keep forgetting to start the next device after the previous one gets done.