Add Ability to Select Multiple Conversation Agents

I would love to see the ability to select multiple conversation agent to increase the use ability of Assist. What I am thinking is basically we use the Home Assistant Conversation agent as the main agent and anything it cannot understand/do the request made by the user is passed onto the next agent. Meaning I ask, “How do you spell mundane?” Home assistant does not know as I don’t have an entity for that info so pass question on to OpenAI. OpenAI knows so it passes the answer down the pipeline. This would enable to ask any mundane question not necessarily related to the home assistant. I do not know if something similar is in the works but just an idea.

not sure where you quoting from can you include the entire link? What is the relevance of the line you quoted for what I am proposing?

I think I replied to the wrong thread. I’ll delete it.