Add ability to "skip_condition" to more info dialogue for automations

With the newly added “skip_condition” automation.trigger service call option it would be extremely useful to have that option added to the “more info” dialogue pop-up.

It would make it a whole lot easier to test automations by allowing the user to trigger the automation with and without checking the conditions and would provide usable feedback on where the failure lies if the automation doesn’t function as expected.

It would also make it more obvious to new users that the existing “execute” button will skip the conditions which has always been a recurring misunderstanding in the forums when new people ask for help with a non-functioning automation.

the implementation would be fairly straight-forward. Just add another button to the pop-up box to say some thing like “execute with conditions” and then if necessary change the existing button to “execute ignoring conditions”. Or leave it the same. Either way it would make it more implicit that one will check the conditions and the other won’t.