Add ability to switch Matter Device Type

We should be able to change Matter device types as part of onboarding and management. My specific use case is for Tapo S505 wall switches that are onboarded as “light” but really need to be “switch” for a ceiling fan.

You might have to change that is the native app. That’s an odd one.

Agreed, unfortunately the Tapo app doesn’t let me change the type. I noticed in Google Home I was able to change the device type but I have no such luck in Apple Home or Home Assistant.

I have to +1 this - I have a Leviton D215S switch that comes up in the Light domain, and there is no way to switch it to the Switch domain in the app (the non-Matter integration into HA even shows all objects as Lights, even when they’re not)

I +1 this. It is an annoyance that the S505’s register only as lights in HA and by proxy (via homekit bridge) in HomeKit. In HomeKit you can’t pick the icon (just the lightbulb). I haven’t tried adding them via matter, but so far have not had luck with those devices (lost 17 light bulbs after upgrading my wifi and while they show in HA, they don’t work and they have completely disappeared on my AppleTV and Alexa, so I have to manually repair every single one again. Not fun because now I have to climb up there to the fixtures and get the codes again because my dumb butt lost the paperwork that had them, but that is a different issue all together.) All my regular Tapo/Kasa switches show up as switches.