Add an Integration Feedback System

As an integration developer, I would love to be able to receive feedback from users without them needing an external account to provide it. This would allow users to provide feedback on upcoming features without the need of a Github, Home Assistant community forums, or Discord account and be able to provide feedback anonymously.

An example is if I want to implement a new feature for my integration, and I have two possible implementations, I would love to be able to poll real users that use the integration and get their opinion on which implementation I should take. As a developer, I hate making unilateral decisions for users based on how I use my application.

Idea for implementation: Nabu Casa already has an analytics service. Add an extra option for anyone that is opted into analytics for something like “Provide feedback on integrations you use”. Then there can be a separate Github repo or something that integration developers can submit PRs to that will push out the feedback requests as Persistent Notification for the user to complete the feedback request.

An example of a feedback request based on a feature I was thinking of implementing:

The UniFi Protect API allows me to control what a device is named in UniFi Protect. Personally, I always want my Home Assistant devices to match the name from the upstream application and retrieve their name from the upstream application. So, the feedback request would be to ask users if they want so if they rename a device in HA, should the device be kept up to date with the same name in UniFi Protect?

This could even be expanded in the future as a generic feedback system so any user can just submit feedback and maybe even mark it as an issue. If it is marked as an issue, we can gather logs and diagnostics automatically. Or allow a user to submit screenshots/video. That would allow the integration developer to easily create a Github Issue from the feedback without the user ever needing a Github account.

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