Add another device to broadlink

I have 2 deviced configured with broadlink. I added a new dievice in the app broadlink, now I want to integrate in hassio. How to do?


There’s been a recent update to the Broadlink firmware which causes new devices to connect to an existing Broadlink device instead of directly to your WiFi router. The idea is they create a mesh of their own.

Unfortunately, this also means they’re not accessible from HA (or any other device on your network.)

This is discussed in more detail here:

I’m halfway through setting up 14 of the Broadlink LB27 R1 bulbs and have hit this issue. Many just do not hit the router at all and it seems they take turns deciding which will be connected! I can not find any control in the Broadlink App to turn off mesh. I was hoping there would be a secret code that I could send to the bulbs (anyone??)

I think the concept is a really good one for your average user, but it makes these bulbs useless in a Home Assistant environment.

The thing that gets me is that both the Broadlink App and Alexa can see all the bulbs and they are apparently only using WiFi. So there must be a way to access meshed bulbs but there is nothing in the python library for this that I can see. If anyone knows where I can get to some documentation on this, please let me know.

I read that blocking them can help. Now that I have them in a small subnet that is blocked, they all show in HA. The one con to this is that Alexa is not able to use the Broadlink skill to communicate with them. I still need to link Alexa to HA instead.

I had mine blocked, too. I had two of them. But when I went to add two new devices, I accidentally un-blocked the old ones. They updated to the new firmware. After that they connected to each other, rather than the router, even after I turned the blocking back on. My only solution was the workaround I posted, above.