Add audio support to Android IP Webcam integration

There is no audio support in Android IP Webcam. Please add support for one of the audio streams offered by the App. The App supports two way audio, if it is possible to implement that, it would be great, but personally I care more about the ability to listen to the stream from the App, than I care about being able to send audio to be played by the App.

Alternatively, there is a feature request to support h264 streaming. I believe that stream includes audio, so implementing that should address this too.

This feature request relates to integration: android_ip_webcam

This would indeed be amazing!
I am using an old cell phone as a “video door bell”. I now have Lannouncer working on the same phone, so I can already send audible text messages to this phone. If I could have an audio stream, I could use this as 2-way communication with the front door, which would be huge!

I am actually surprised how high-quality and reliable the video stream is I am getting via IP Webcam. I am also recording it via ffmpeg, and it’s worked as a security cam for months now!

Any news about this?

I do have audio entity but I don’t know how to use it.

Also, there is a option to use onvif cam in Android app but it does not work properly, at least here.

Using onvif I manage to see only one time the video and then it frooze. I tried to configure it as tcp, udp, http…

Have anyone tried that?