Add Building/Structure for Floors & Areas

With the addition of Floors to HA I have been able to organize my areas and it has been very nice. One assumption being made here is that all of the areas and floors are in the same physical structure which is not always true. For example, I have my main house which has a basement, main floor, and second floor. I also have a utility barn on my property which itself has 3 floors. Each of those floors has multiple different areas on them. The devices over in that barn are reached by the internet that comes into my main house so I do not need a separate network or separate HA instance for the devices in that structure.

I am proposing that another grouping be made called Structure or Building that contains Floors within them like Floors do for Areas. This would allow people who have multiple structures on their property (like a guest house, detached garage, utility barn, etc) with one or multiple floors to be able to organize their HA instance in a more logical manner than grouping all floors of the multiple structures together.

Thanks for the consideration!