Add button component

Need button component for things that are not switches (volume up/down, execute script, etc…)

It would be great for windows, curtains and stuff like that

I think you could use the cover component for stuff likes curtains and so on, no ?

@dimagoltsman for executing script, you already have an activate button (try adding the script to a card in the frontend). So I think is that you could write a script for each stuff (volume up/down),… and put them in the frontend. That way you will have the corresponding ‘buttons’.

cover is nice, but not very convenient to everything i want…

and that activate thing’ i dont see anything about how to use it in the docs

well simply add script.YOURSCRIPT in a group, and you will see it. Check in the demo (left column, second card)

So you can write multiple scripts to emulate the buttons (on/off, up down,…) and do a card ‘universal remote’ with all the script listed, so you can simply click on activate.

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As a newbie, I just went through all this myself. And yes, a script in a group does give you an ACTIVATE button, which does the trick.

But like the OP, I still think it’d be nice to have a simple button template we can use instead. This would be like the switch template, but simpler: no need to tie it to the state of some device, and no need to specify two scripts; just one script to execute when it’s clicked.

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This exists in Lovelace as entity-button

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