Add Check Configuration To Menu

I know I cant be the first to ask… but I could find no mention with a search!

Can this be done?

When I’m toying around I typically have three views open on my machine (I have three monitors) Center is the IDE where Im futzing with code… the second is the primary UI and the third is generally a web search… it would be relly helpful If I could put check config button on the Main menu… I know I could just drop to the cmd line and run a check but command lines give me hives (windows developer here… you know the type…lol)!

There is already a check config service so you should be able to create a switch/button to call that service. The problem is that the results won’t be conveniently displayed as they are when using the regular check config button. The results using that service are only printed to the home-assistant.log and in the info page log listing.

Thanks… yeah… I was hoping to get the same functionality… just in a more convenient place… No bother… Its not a deal breaker…

You’re not the first person I’ve seen request this. I am working on something that will do exactly what you’re looking for, using AppDaemon. It should be released in the next couple days.

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hahaha ask and ye shall receive!


Version 0.1.0 of my Config Check app has been released! Details here: Apop's Home Assistant Setup and Other Resources