Add CHIP GPIO Support

Please add CHIP GPIO support. Will be much more cost effective than having to use an Arduino or RPi. Chip also has built in WiFi and Bluetooth basically running Jessie like most RPi’s.

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Just came looking for this as well. Looking at the RPi and BBB GPIO code, it should be fairly simple. Unfortunately, I’m not a dev so it may be more difficult than it looks.

That being said, I recently converted a RPi vibration sensor to C.H.I.P with minimal change in the python code and the CHIP GPIO library –

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I feel like I’m under-using my Chip now. I must give that code a spin.

I use it as a ‘bluetooth ear’ for my Tile keychains, works very well at it :slight_smile:

Was impressed only this morning when I saw it detected a bluetooth device of a passing car at 2.30 in the morning for just the seconds it took to go by.

The Chip is far away from the road, I live a bit in the middle of nowhere. The Chip must be near or at the 100 metre range to the road.

At first, I was worried someone had been close to the house until I checked the time-stamps, for only 2 seconds was the device detected.

It’s some $9 computer!

Wow that’s pretty awesome.

The project I just finished with it was

Just had to add the CHIP_IO python library, change the setting for the pins and it worked awesome. I may have to check out the BluetoothLE as the CHIP is now fixed to the back of my dryer which is right next to a window to the street!

It’s really a great cheaper alternative to a lot of RPi1 or RPi0 projects

Cheers for the link!

Yeah, I’m holding back on getting any more Pi Zeroes until Wifi & B come built-in.

We all know it’s coming, and I’ve enough old Pi versions looking for a purpose as it is :slight_smile:

CHIP’s got my vote!

I’ve got GPIO working on the CHIP. Copied the raspberry GPIO files and replaced rpi.gpio with chip_io.gpio, thats it. Just make sure your home assistant user has access to the GPIO ports.

Put these in your custom components:

Old thread but have you thought of adding this to HA directly?