Add climate devices to zha

I got an Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee thermostat:

I really like to connect this via ZHA. I have a deConz USB Stick, and I already connected it and can see all the Thermostat clusters. I’m also able to control the temperature and get the temperature by writing into the clusters.

Now I’d like to have this show up as a climate device in home assistant. Is this planned? I’m happy to help with that, but I don’t yet have an approach on where to start.
I can program, I can do testing, but I will need some help especially regarding the Zigbee protocol itself and I don’t want to disturb the current refactoring of the ZHA component.

I hope to see this in HA someday and would love to help

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I would love to see this too. Same as you I can control my thermostat from the ZHA panel. Unfortunately I have too many other projects at the moment to help much.

Which device do you have?

This may be of interest when implementing the Spirit Zigbee (for Quirks):
It is the issue for deConz rest api implementation.

I have the Leviton RC-2000. I do get a fan device in HA, and I can control the fan only, but not temperature or mode.