Add control to a Z-Wave device via MQTT

quick Introduction: I have been a Jeedom user for 3 years and recently started exploring Home Assistant (HAS) with various devices, including Z-Wave and Zigbee, using MQTT. For a smooth migration, I have kept the MQTT broker and dongles on my Jeedom server. My Home Assistant setup is on Synology (container) under DSM 7.2.1. I successfully connected MQTT to my broker and published my Z-Wave and Zigbee devices without any issues using the Web UI of Z-Wave JS and Zigbee2MQTT.

Description of the problem: I use Eurotronic Thermostatic Valves for my radiators. Since switching to Z-Wave2MQTT (even on Jeedom), a command has disappeared: the manual mode (zwave/41/64/0/mode/set with value=31), where the valve position can be manually controlled. In Jeedom, adding this command is straightforward in the list of commands, and I can control my valves.

The question is how to do it with HAS ?! :slight_smile:

My configuration

System Information

version core-2024.5.4
installation_type Home Assistant Container
dev false
hassio false
docker true
user root
virtualenv false
python_version 3.12.2
os_name Linux
os_version 4.4.302+
arch x86_64
timezone Europe/Paris
config_dir /config
Home Assistant Cloud
logged_in false
can_reach_cert_server ok
can_reach_cloud_auth ok
can_reach_cloud ok
dashboards 2
resources 0
views 0
mode storage
oldest_recorder_run 19 mai 2024 à 20:58
current_recorder_run 20 mai 2024 à 11:44
estimated_db_size 26.43 MiB
database_engine sqlite
database_version 3.44.2