Add Create Event Button to calendar card

I would like to use the button to add a new event from the calendar integration in my smartphone dashboard @ the calendar card. At the moment I solved the problem by adding a link to the calendar @ the sidebar, but because it is not a subview, there is no back button.

Please update the calendar card.

Thanks a lot.

You can use the Add to Calendar button on your website to allow users to easily add events to their calendars. When users click this button, they can select their desired calendar (such as Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, or Yahoo Calendar), and the event will be added seamlessly.

But this I can only find at The calendar Integration in The left side.
I would Like to have this Button on the calendar Card.

Same issue here (for a long time already)…Ironically the Calendar item in the sidebar is exactly what I want in my dashboard including the Add Event button.

Also tried to add the calendar item in the sidebar to a webpage card on my dashboard but the layout screws up big time so that’s no option.

So I can only try to look up to the HA Gods and hope they will fulfill this request :joy:

My Goal is to setup a usefull dashboard for my family which shows the events of this week so nobody forgets anything (and it raises the will to use HA dashboard enormously too :grin:)