Add `DELETE_EVENT` Service to `Calendar` Integration

It is nice to be able to CREATE_EVENT with a service call using the Calendar integration, but I would also like to be able to automate deletion of events as well. I’m imagining a DELETE_EVENT service that would at least be compatible with the relatively new Local Calendar if not also compatible with other calendars.

Either delete or modify the existing event is needed.

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I can’t believe this is still not a thing 4 years later.

Edit: Sorry, saw “May 17” and assumed it was may of 2017.

This is also relevant for calendar entities, like helpers.

I have read that the feature is implemented and the services just need to be exposed

Where? Can you maybe send a link?

Found this: Calendar Entity | Home Assistant Developer Docs

I think the “just” here is likely relevant. Of course the code to delete calendar entries exists, or we couldn’t delete calendar entries. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is trivial to create a service that can delete by matching to a specific entity that you want it to delete.