Add device (sensor) to existing homekit integration

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I have Aqara Hub with a few sensors connected to my HA through HomeKit integration.
The process of paring looks like you have to add device (Hub + sensors) to Home app, remove hub from Home app (keeping it in network) and then add Hub to HA using HomeKit integration.
Recently I bought new sensors and I’d like to add them to HA.
The way that works: Remove integration from HA -> reset hub -> pair all sensors with hub -> add hub to Home app -> remove from Home app -> add to HA.
I’d like to ask if there is any easier method to achieve it (without removing integration)?

Did you ever find a solution for this? I’ve been looking everywhere for an alternative but it looks like what you mentioned above is the only option.

@fxl90, Unfortunately I didn’t find any solution and still have to remove the integration to add new sensors.