Add DHT11 support to Firmata Express

Looking for dht support in firmata integration… Need HA code modification and I am not a programmer.

Can I bump this? Since gpio integrations on the Rpi have become deprecated, I am looking for ways to use read out DHT sensors without the use of wifi or ethernet network.

Ofcourse I can use mqtt-io or ESPhome, but like I mentioned, I would like a direct connection to the server.

FirmataExpress seems to be an option, however, in the documentation no yaml code is mentioned to add a DHT sensor with the use of Firmata Express.

The documentation applies to Firmata, however it says Firmata Express is also supported.

You will need to upload a Firmata firmware to your board. Please upload any StandardFirmata sketch to your board; please refer to the Arduino documentation for further information for uploading sketches. Firmata is available in the Arduino Library Manager in the Arduino IDE. You may also use a Firmata Express.

However, the support for Firmata Express seems to be limited to analog sensors, not digital ones like the DHT11 and DHT22.

As an alternative I am using an Arduino connected via serial USB to the rpi server, however, I would like to profit from the easy yaml code writing for adding sensors to Home Assistant.

I ended up using a dedicated mega 2560 with express for all wired temp sensors (17) and node-red to read out values to HA.

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Ah okay, so with NodeRed it is possible, thanks!