Add difference to "Combine the state of several sensors" helper

Although it can be done easily with a template (as the other options), it would be a good idea to add difference as a new option to “Combine the state of several sensors” helper.

For instance, it can be used to substract the power or energy of a appliance to the general one to distinguish its use from the rest of the charge.

In the case there are more than two input entities, substract all but the first from the first entity.

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definitely could use this…
would make creating new sensors a breeze for noobs out there.

Great example is Enphase Solar. You must create a sensor subtracting the Production from Consumption and Vise Versa then take the result (watts) and convert to kW in order to use in the dashboard.


definitely could use this…
i have an
Main Current counter and a
Sub Current counter,
I want to display both as stacked values in energy dashboard.


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