Add energy self sufficiency level to energy dashboard (solar consumption vs total consumption)

It would be great to add a metric to the energy dashboard that shows how much of your total energy consumption came from self generated solar energy.

All the variables are available in the energy dashboard so I would be hopeful that this is easy to do.

Below is an example from the Sunny portal from SMA. It is the result on the left

Thank you

What is the value you don’t have?

Self-sufficient quota?

I would also love this. The existing energy gauges are useless for me, but this figure would be of interest. I think it is already there, but not in numbers, you can only guess it from the ring colors:

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Yes, the self sufficient quota (Solar consumed vs total consumed) is not available currently

None of the 3 options that you have shown is that

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You are right, I never saw that. So even the calculation are already there so if we could

  • See the % next to the circle
  • Or see it seperately as a gauge

That would be great

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Definitely a gauge, there is enough place in the gui. Even better: make the gauges configurable. I have never used the existing ones…


this was also requested as change / feature request here:

I’m also interested in that feature. Would be very useful to see the self sufficiency in daily, monthly and yearly statistics through the energy dashboard.


Let’s push this topic.
Self sufficiency in the energy dashboard would be great :+1:

There is a PR!! Let’s hope it get merged.