Add entity_id's to EmonCMS intergration

I used the site search to see if this had been requested before, but couldn’t find it. If I’m incorrect, please point me in the direction and feel free to remove this post.

EmonCMS is a separate system used to collect and analyse information primarily around power.

Home Assistant appears to have support for EmonCMS baked in, and is configured using the configuration.yaml file.

However, when importing sensor data entities are not given a unique reference allowing them to be useful in the same way as other devices. I have to assume there’s a good reason for this but I’ve not discovered why in any documentation.

Example payloads from EmonCMS API detail the unique identifier “FeedID” - this ID can’t be edited within EmonCMS and persists for the life of the entity within this system.

Using the platform name, Senor ID and FeedID can we get a unique like “emoncms.{{id}}.{{FeedID}}” in place?

+1 for this. Also experiencing issues in HA relating to the lack of unique IDs of emoncms sensors. prevents using with the energy dashboard, for example.

@changeableface, may i ask whether you were able to find a work around in the meantime? thanks.