Add entity to lovelace from HA


Is there a way to control a lovelace dashboard in any way from AD?

My use case: for a list of sensors, I create virtual sensors which have a slightly different behavior (they switch on/off with a configurable delay). I would like to add these new sensors to a dashboard.


I thought about this several times, but luckily I was always able to work around :slight_smile:
so right now I just have an idea.
there is a condition card in lovelace, and if I understood correctly this can be used to tiler entities to show.
I assume (haven’t tried it) that it is pretty dynamic.
so perhaps it could work if oyu create entities from AD, following a defined naming convention and filter in this conditional card.
At least that was always my Plan B approach, but as said I wasn’t in the situation yet where i was not able to find another approach :slight_smile: