Add ewelink wall toggle swith to trigger Home Assistant scenario


I have an one of these wall switches: (I just have the wall toggle switch and nothing else from ewelink).
I’d like to know how I can configure Home Assistant to detect when the switch is toggled and trigger one of my Home Assistant scenes?

My Home Assistant is installed on a Raspberry Pi on which is installed a RFXtrx433E module. HA is used to control all my Chacon Dio devices and is working fine with these Chacon devices, but does not even detect the ewelink switch even if automatic_add is set to True in the config.

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Hello, use one of the following apps on your smartphone: “Tuya”, “Smart Life” or “Jinvoo Smart”, your switch should also work with it. Then you can create an integration with Home Assistant.

Thanks for your reply.
How would that work?
How would the app itself detect the switch?
That toggle switch doesn’t look like it uses wifi or anything, as far as I know, it’s a simple 433Mhz transmitter, and my phone is not equipped with a 433Mhz receiver.

You confused us with the ewelink reference. Ewelink is a wifi product. It works mainly with sonoff products and is a cloud solution.

Many sonoff products are also controllable by RF433, so this is probably where the confusion lies.

In short you need an RF433 solution, and there are plenty of them. A sonoff bridge for example.

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Hello, I assumed that you use the “eWelink” app on your smartphone. If this is so, and you have no bridge to use the switch, then your switch is connected via Wi-Fi. In this case it would be possible to use another app. If the switches send to 433mHz, then I think of first. Look here …

ESPHome is really great !!! Thank you Otto Winter :+1:

and second, the “RFLINK GATEWAY”, look here…

In both cases, additional hardware is needed, although the variant with the ESPHome is probably more favorable …

They look like the switches I have ( ) They are both detected by my sonoff rf bridges and my rflinks. So I’m surprised your RFXtrx433E does not detect them.

From :

Not all protocols as advertised are enabled on initial setup of your transceiver. Enabling all protocols is not recommended either. Your 433.92 product not showing in the logs? Visit the RFXtrx website to download RFXmgmr and enable the required protocol.

Maybe you should try that.

Sorry about the confusion, that’s just how the product is called on Amazon.
I already have the RF433 solution with the rfxcom transceiver. My point is how to get them to communicate together.

As I said in the previous post. Download Rfxmgmr and enable the protocol.

Yes, indeed my switch looks really similar to yours indeed.

I connected my RFXtrx433E to the laptop with rfxmgr and tried pressing the button on the switch, but it did not show any reaction in the debug window.
What would be the protocol to enable?


Got it, it is Lighting4 ! Thanks!
My rfxcom detects the switch, and Home Assistant also!
Now I need to capture the signal and toggle the scene when the switch is pressed. I’m looking into it, but if you have some input, please do not hesitate.
Thanks again

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Very nice that it works! The forum here is great, and I learned something new again!

Yes, that’s very nice, I learnt also a lot :slight_smile:

But I was not finished yet, I still needed to run my automation !
I finally managed, with a lot of trials and errors, but here it is for future reference.

So basically, my physical switch was detected by Home Assistant when I have the automatic_add: True directive in my configuration.yaml file.
In my group all switches, the switch “091300031c9c18015770” displayed. I added this switch to my switch list, and added the directive fire_event: true

  - platform: rfxtrx
        name: toggle1
        fire_event: true
    automatic_add: False

And in my automations.yaml file, I added the automation that activates the scene when my button is pressed.

- id: ToggleAway
  alias: Toggle Away Scene
  - event_data:
      entity_id: switch.toggle1
    event_type: button_pressed
    platform: event
  - service: scene.turn_on
      entity_id: scene.away

Thanks to all for your help, and good night !