Add fan control to climate entity?

Hi all,

I have two climate entities at home, a regular nest thermostat, but also a pellet stove I interfaced.

The pellet stove has a fan, that I can control with the regular climate entity card. But I have to click on the 3 dots and enter its sub-menu to do so:

So basically, I have to click HERE :

and then THERE:

I would like to find an entity card that actually gives me the possibility to add a slider, that would allow me to toggle the 6 fan speeds attributes I can list in the fan_mode state.

I tried to use the mushroom entity card (bacause I like its look and feel) and, again, there is no way to control the fan.

it looks like this:

In an ideal world, I would like to see an additional slider, or something in this card, allowing me to switch the fan_modes (like I can do it using the sub menu of the lovelace climate card.

Anyone here knows how I could achieve this ?

Did you ever figured this out?

unrfortunately not, I guess no one actually want to avoid the extra clicks. :wink:

FYI this is now natively supported with the latest version of the climate card and the dashboard features:

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