Add "free-space" to Transmission Sensor

Transmission has many metrics in the RPC spec, but one that would be particularly useful is the “free-space” metric. We could, for example, switch to Turtle Mode or send a notification when free disk space reaches a certain level.

Some issues? It looks like it requires a path argument, which would have to be entered. But we could use “download-dir” from Transmission (another sensor to add)…

Still it would be a useful thing to add. Thank you all!

Why not use:

if it is seperate from HA host

You nailed it - it’s on a separate machine from the HA host. I tried using SNMP but have not yet located the right OID. SNMP is kind of like that.

And since this is something that’s implemented in the Transmission API I figured it would be doable and useful to other Transmission users as an HA sensor.