Add hassio tab on fresh install via pip

Please refer to instructions.

You can’t add hassio tab on a python install. If you want hassio, you have to install hassio.

I am running this on a dietPi image on an orangepi Lite.

There seems not to be hassio image ready.

Any other way?

You don’t HAVE to use hassio image. You can install hassio on generic Linux, like the documentation tells you.

So what you’re saying is “please refer to instructions”?

Sounds like good advice…:wink:

This orangepi version does not have the requiered kernel version to run docker.

So… no way?

If there is no image specifically made for it (didn’t find the orangepi-lite in the list) or it can’t run the generic Linux install then probably not possible.

Maybe you can run HA some other way without hassio? in a venv or docker? I don’t have any experience with the orangepi so I can’t help you with that other than giving you other options to explore.

You sure about that? It should run the same Docker that a Raspberry Pi runs.