Add home kit devices without manufacturers app?

I have 2 devices that serve as “home kit bridge” caseta lutron bridge and ecobee thermostat.

I’ve also added a garage opener, but I had to download the manufacturer app.

Is it possible to add home kit devices without the manufacturer’s app in home assistant? I understand some apps you might need to, for example the garage opener has a WiFi you join then app moves device to my home WiFi. But I’m wondering if it’s feasible?

Depends on how the device is configured. On some you can open your iPhone and go to the wifi and you can connect to a hotspot the device is broadcasting and the iPhone will get it on the network. Then, you add to HA.

Others need the app.

I’m looking for a way to manage all of my home kit devices without ever needing an iphone and just through home assistant… It looks like it’s not always possible…

Yeah, unfortunately I don’t believe that’s possible