Add HomeBridge in HA via Docker and Viceversa


I have installed HomeBridge via docker in a linux Environment and all works very well, i want to add the homebridge device inside HomeAssistant and viceversa.
can someone help me?
i need to use the Homebridge for the support of camera streaming and i want to disable homeassistant homekit and use only homebridge.
Also i want to add the camera inside homebridge in homeassistant for automation.

Thanks a lot for your help

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Yea it’s a shame the Homebridge Add-On is deprecated, there are some things HA can’t do at the moment like my Nest camera live feed that Homebridge can do.
I set up a Homebridge container before my VM crashed but lost it when it did.
Now I have a Pi running HOOBS, which is nice, but it’s not as powerful as my server.

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for now i have homebridge in docker, do you think that HOOBS is better?
Thanks a lot

I think the HOOBS interface is better.
It makes editing your config easier.
If HOOBS was x86 I’d add a container if it to my HASS.IO Docker.
But right now I’m pretty sure it’s limited to ARM devices.