Add Homematic IP Cloud Devices,

I can see that the HmIP-WRC6 is already documented in the latest REST-API Version:

So I hope the Homematic IP Component will be updated soon

Not sure who is the right contact for the component Mattias Welponer (mxworm) or Pascal Vizeli (pvizeli)

Hello, i use a

Mattias Welponer (mxworm) Created the Homematic IP component. Maybe you can contact him and ask for un update for Otherwise you need to wait.

I also bought the 6-fold button, but I only get a binary sensor “Empty Battery” under developer tools.
Can someone help me? The wall thermostat works perfectly.
Many thanks

have a look at the documentation:


Thank You very much, I found it! Now it works.

@Stephan4711, @SukramJ , Is WRC6 working not only as a battery sensor? The document link from @SukramJ says WRC6 and other push buttons are not yet supported, I am wondering how you make it work? I am trying to use HmIP-WRC2 but it only shows as a battery sensor now.

Hi Hochul,
I’ve only seen the question now.
Only the battery sensor is displayed as an entity.
But the 6 or 2 buttons can be used in the automation. You have to select event as the trigger, the event type is homematic.keypress. Event dates:
channel: 1 (button)
name: (14 character name)
In Homematic you have to create an empty program, see appendix.