Add HS Color and/or XY Color support to light.mqtt template schema

As per official documentation MQTT Light - Home Assistant

HS Color and XY Color are not supported in the template schema for light.mqtt

My example use for this is to control a zigbee light connected to tasmota zigbee coordinator that does not respond to rgb command

See Tasmota Zigbee documentation: Zigbee - Tasmota

Tasmota supports color command using [x,y] coordinates or HueSat command

I am unable to use the default schema or json schema as being a zigbee light, there are no individual topics for hs, xy, rgb, brightness etc, this needs to be done via templating a JSON ZbSend command.

did you find a solution ?

I have the same problem and would like to publish something like this:

mosquitto_pub -h broker -t home/cmnd/tasmota_zigbee_xxx/ZbSend -m '{"Device":"0x1234", "Send":{"color":"30000,65534"}}'

Is there a solution?