Add icon picker to Customizations page

Seems like an obvious, easy and quick feature to implement.

EDIT: I’m talking about on this page:

Something like this ?

It’s already available in the beta, I can’t wait for it to hit stable. Loading the MaterialDesignIcons website every time I want an icon, is a horrible experience, and often causes Chrome to become unresponsive for several minutes.

I’m talking about the customizations page:

if you do it directly on the device as @francisp francis showed it updates the customise page with it. there really isnt any need to use customise page for editing icons in the next release as its easier doing it directly IMHO

P.S. maybe wise to also vote for your own feature request

I was going to say that you can’t do this for custom entities you create in the configuration file, but I just realized you can create unique IDs for them, which I haven’t done before. I’m already on the new release, which is why I came up with it in the first place. The new icon picker is very nice, and it’s especially nice because it works with other icon addon packs as well. It would still be nice to have on the customization page and I assume would be a quick feature to add.