Add input_number support to HomeKit integration

My problem: I have three consecutive independent lamps and I want control them with dimmer-slider in Apple Home (0% off, < 33% one lamp on, < 66% two lamps on, < 100% three lamps on).
I managed to do this with HomeBridge + custom python script.
Month ago I migrated my system to HAss. And now I can’t find the way to do the same thing.
I found the only way to control three lights with dimmer slider: using input_number with automations. But I can’t import it to HomeKit, because input_number is not supported at HomeKit integration.

  1. Maybe there is another way to achieve my goal (light.template, but i didn’t manage to make it work)…
  2. Is there any chance that input_number support can be added to HomeKit integration?

I am also struggling with this. Anyone found a way to expose a basic slider to Homekit?

Maybe there is some way to do it with shade’s since they as a slide in homekit

Workaround with the input select should work.

I am also looking to do this, but can’t quite figure out a nice way to create a slider to replicate a dimmer in HomeKit.

Solution above for a 3 or more steps dimmer light that can be used in HomeKit, and for your usage best used with an automation that triggers each of those independent lights depending on the value you have set in automation