Add Integration for Niko Home Control 2

No, I use the conbee deconz stick instead of Ikea gateway, so I have my own control of those buttons, I don’t have ikea lights, I just wanted a small looking controller for my radio in bathroom :wink:

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nikohoomecontrol version 1 will be fixed soon, this was already a platform in HA

Hi @Filip_Van_Ham

I can help you with everything as I have helped with the Openhab2 integration. I know all routines, have many many logs available… :slight_smile:
Send me a pm.

@bccrew thx! I’m first going to focus on getting a basic integration merged into HA dev branch. Once this has been done, i’ll look into getting more functionality in. But, some functionality will be hard to test, since i’m not planning on using the Niko dimmers etc.

But when I start with that, that info would be great!

I have dimmers, switches, energy module

If you understand Java, you can have a look at the PR from OH2. All necesarry information is in there. Just pay attention to the QOS level of the MQTT connection. I think it should be set to 1.

You can sniff all the secure MQTT communication with mqtt-spy or equivalent to get the necesarry insights. Good luck!

I started using HA, if you want I can try and test for you?

Sure thing @sen
I’ll try to look at it this evening.
For the moment I was mainly looking into getting the code into HA.
But I’ll see to get my custom component ready with some docu.
Could you tell me what devices you have in your NHC2 installation?

The custom component can be found on:

Please let me know if there is a specific device you have in your installation we should add next :slight_smile:

I only have light and switches. Will try and install it tomorrow.

Hi Filip,

I’m new in HA but I have NHC2. I have: Lights, Dimmers, motors, thermostats. If you want I can help you with testing this devices.


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How’s it going so far?

I can’t find the time to work on this. I’ve created some code, that does lights and switches, but I have too much to do.


If you are interested, there is a hobby API available. Check it out!

I switched from HA to When I try to use this, I get the following error message:
Config flow is not supported for custom integration nhc2

Anyone any idea how this can be fixed?


I’m using this integration for some time now and it works good. But when I do al lot of light on or off, not all the lights gets updated in HA. All the lights responed to the command, but the state update in HA is not correct.
For example: turning off 10 lights in HA, all lights are out, but HA says only 4 lights are off. When I check the state in the Niko Home Control App, all lights are out.

Any idea how I can fix this?

There are news on
(Hobby API)

What we need to do with the hobby API to make communication in OH ? My communication is ok without API but no changing outputs.

I’m still having this issue. Does anyone have an idea on how I can fix this? Or how I can debug it to find the issue?


Is someone working to make integration working with nhc2 using hobby api?

Thank you for your support

It seems like the hobby api is based on MQTT and the integration from @Filip_Van_Ham also uses MQTT.
I don’t know if it would make any difference.

@Filip_Van_Ham, have you looked into the hobby api? Does it looks the same? Or is your integration different?