Add Integration for Niko Home Control 2

Also interested, have Jablotron, Niko Home Control 2, Siemens IoT devices
so firs thing i want to do is integarte NHC into this and see what it does but already struggeling with setting all things up.

I’m not sure why one would like to use the hobby API. But the (limited) NHC2 lib and HASS integration i’ve written in local-only. It connects directly to the controller.
I’ve have not yet looked into the hobby API, but if it is cloud based, I would steer away for sure, as your setup would then be reliant on internet and the niko cloud service.
I’m not willing to accept that for my setup.

I’ve looked at the hobby API
It seems it IS the local MQTT Server you would connect to.
So that is good news! In theory that would make the hobby API user/pass usable with my Integration.
You could still create a local profile, an this would be preferred.
The only thing that is not easy is setting the IP (if you cannot make your controller IP static)
The documentation seems to be OK, and this would enable me to more easily add new functionalities.

I think I’ll start with auto controller discovery.
Then, if @webalex can still help me test other things (dimmers, …) I can start adding functionality.

I’m going to plan 1 week of vacation soon, and I’ll allocate a few hours every day.
Would like to have some feedback on all this…


Yes ready to make some tests with you

Thank you for the work

I’m planning on restarting my efforts 1 June. I’ll be in touch.

Hi Filip,

I’m also interested in helping you. I’ve got a NHC2 setup with dimmer, lights, controllable poweroutlets and window blinds. So if you want me to test something I’ll be glad to help you. The app from Niko itself is really bad… So using HA would be great. Got a raspberry pi here where I can install it on to play around :slight_smile:

I’m also available for testing. I only have lights.

I’m also willing to help! I have 2 dimmers connected to some lights. Just activated the hobby API, looks like an interesting route seeing as it’s MQTT. However, I don’t know why they decided on this though:

The validity of the token is limited in time and needs to be updated periodically (yearly)

So, despite taking local control, you are still dependent on the continuing support and existence of the company. Horrible…

Any update? Is there anything I (maybe we) can do to help?

I have seen in my logs the current integration is using some deprecated things:
Light is deprecated, modify NHC2HassLight to extend LightEntity
SwitchDevice is deprecated, modify NHC2HassSwitch to extend SwitchEntity
I don’t know when these deprecated things will be removed, but if it does it will break the current integration.
It would be nice to have the new integration when this happens :-D.

Again, if we can help with anything let us know. I’m a developer, but no experience in Python…

has HA Integrations for niko home control II?

Yes, it’s acustom integration made by @Filip_Van_Ham

where can i find this directory “homeassistant /”

Hi there, I’m also very interested in NHC2 integration.

I’m new to Home Assistant, coming to it from homebridge, where I’ve done some work with the homebridge-nhc2 plugin and the associated nhc2-hobby-api. I’m an experienced Microsoft developer, new to Python but very keen to learn, and happy to help in any way I can (coding, testing etc).

We have a full-blown NHC2 installation in the house we built 2 years ago. We have the following Niko models (names as defined in the Hobby API): alarms, alloff, dimmer, generic, light, pir, switched-generic, simulation, timeschedule, venetianblind and thermostat. I would love it if all of these could work with Home Assistant. I’m British so English is my native language.

Where is the development up to right now please? Is it being actively worked on at the moment?

Hi all!
Have started to work on this again.
Installing and updating can be done through HACS (or by manual custom_component install)
In HACS search for ‘Niko Home Control II’
Manually ? see
Feedback, debug, etc? Come on the temp chat

Is it possible to read measured data from the socked (current, voltage, etc)?

As far as I know, a NIKO switched socket dos not provide this data.
In the case of the 170-33505 I do not know. I don’t have one of those, nor do I have that specific gateway. It’s something worth exploring.

The 170-33505 connected over conbee2 gave me voltage, wats, kwh and current (some strange value). So it should have those measuremets (I wasn’t able to connect other devices than socket).
It would be great to have it connected over your integration. I have some switches, socket and motor controller switch connected.

I installed as the instructions, did the hobby api. Now it shows up, but i get no services nor entities. Il a complete noob sorry. Any help ?

Edit: fixed with touchpanel profile. Api does not work here. Also ty for the work filip !!!

Hi @Filip_Van_Ham

Thank you for this implementation. Lights & Switch are working perfectly with Touchscreen profile

Do you have any plan to integrate other type like Analog Input / Output?

Thank you !

Hi shaps

I’m quite new to HA, I previously used Domoticz and a custom integration made by a guy through a Python MQTT plugin (works only for lights). I went to the GitHub of @Filip_Van_Ham but following the instructions doesn’t work for me: add integration, choose Niko Home Control…ok, but it’s not in the list. I use the latest stable verison of HA 2021.1.5

How did you manage to install it?

Thanks a lot in advance.