Add journalctl to SSH addon

After I had a random lock up in my HA node (see, I used the ssh addon to try and work out what was going on. I could see journal files in /var/log/journal but as journalctl wasn’t installed, I couldn’t look them and the HA log files didn’t go back far enough.

Having journalctl installed would be very useful.

I might be wrong (not using HAOS myself), but I bet the /var/log/journal you see is the one from the SSH addon container.

Keep in mind an addon is just a docker container running alongside HA itself (a container as well), possibly with common directories mounted (as with the SSH addon).

So, unless the /var/log/journal you see is the one from HA mounted in the SSH container, it’s useless to you.

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You need to access journalctl on the host machine, either directly or by using SSH to port 22222. The latter can be set up easily with this addon.

Thanks for that. That’s the solution. I already had the Pi4EnableI2C add-on installed, so easy to add.