Add Light Control and Manual Refresh to Linear Garage Door

Thank you for implementing this integration! Two feature requests. First, can control of the opener’s light be made available? I have a motion sensor in the garage that already triggers the interior lights whenever someone enters, so it’d be nice to also turn on/off the opener’s light too.

Second, can there be an option to trigger the manual polling of status? I noticed there’s a bit of delay between when the door opens/closes via the wall switch/remote and when HA sees the status update. Could a button (or something similar) be exposed so that the status can be more quickly polled/refreshed? For example, a tilt sensor on the door could trigger HA to poll the Linear API.

Thank you!

For the first question, can you control the light in the Linear mobile app?

For the second, again how quickly does it update in the app?

The scan_interval is set here

Bear in mind that changing it may hammer the server, and that may be bad for several reasons.

You can also use the service reload_config_entry. But again, do not hammer the server. No one will thank you if the service disappears through over use.

1: Yup, the app has two buttons, one for the door and one for the light. It also provides status for both.
2: That’s interesting, I saw some comments on GitHub that made it seem like it was set to 60s: Add Linear Garage Door integration by IceBotYT · Pull Request #91436 · home-assistant/core · GitHub
But to answer the question, the app is often a little ahead of HA. I figured it was due to a slower polling frequency.

Looks like the light platform was initially included, but then removed because new integrations are limited to one platform Checklist for creating a component | Home Assistant Developer Docs and there is reference to it being removed.

Perhaps now that the initial integration has been accepted the author will add the light stuff back.