Add Light Group to an Area

I am having difficulty adding a light group to an area.

Here is an excerpt from my configuration.yaml

  - platform: group
    name: Kitchen Lights
      - light.kitchen_sink
      - light.kitchen_corner
      - light.refrigerator
      - light.coffee_station
      - light.bar_station
      - light.dining_room_entry
      - light.kitchen_entry
      - light.kitchen_table_light

When I go to the entity I get:
This entity (“light.kitchen_lights”) does not have a unique ID, therefore its settings cannot be managed from the UI. See the documentation for more detail.

Any help greatly appreciated

The issue is as you’ve already posted, though entities now can be added to areas they are required to have a unique id thus being added to the entity registry.

How do I do that

You can’t in this case since you can’t give the light group a unique ID

So what you are saying is there is no way to add it to an area.

As far as I know no

The documentation (Light Group - Home Assistant) has a unique_id option, but this does not appear to work (I get a configuration error claiming “Invalid config for []: [unique_id] is an invalid option for []”).

unique_id string (optional)

An ID that uniquely identifies this light group. If two lights have the same unique ID, Home Assistant will raise an error.

Frustrating! Is this a bug (or is the doco out of date)?

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Added a unique_id and after that I could add the light group to an area, used the uuidgen tool in Ubuntu.

  - platform: group
    name: Bedroom 1 Floor Lamp 1
    unique_id: aa818575-f4d1-40bd-9bec-3a215c282454
      - light.bedroom_1_lamp_1
      - light.bedroom_1_lamp_2

clawlevalu, I am very thankful for your comment. This helped me out.

Added a unique_id and after that I could add the light group to an area, used the uuidgen tool in Ubuntu.

Instead of using uuidgen or any other tool, I created an unique ID that is in a pattern but unique to my personal setup. Such as:

  - platform: group
    name: bathroom wall lights
    unique_id: klt-id-bathroom-wall-lights
      - light.bathroom_wall_1
      - light.bathroom_wall_2

All of my personal unique ID’s will start with klt-id- and since a generator will never use that prefix my ID’s will remain unique.

After restarting, I was able to then go to the Bathroom Wall Lights and set the area.