Add long term statistics to the TOON integration

Hello I am new to HA, but I like it a lot.
I am using TOON and that is connected to my energy meter.
Now I want to use the long term statistics to be able to use the HA Energy dashboard.

I also have a Toon, and I use it with the new energy dashboard.
What problem do you have with it?

I get only the option to add meter 1 and 2.
but not the total of 1 and 2. also for return.

Also it gives the tarrif and not the total energy usage.
but when I got to the devices I can find all the info I should need.

I think I found all the devices.
I have added the meter 1 and 2.
And after that I went to the gas meter and enabled the Gas Meter Entiteit

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Can someone share his Toon entities in the Energy dashboard?
I’m struggeling what entity to use where.
Thx in advance.

Thx!. How do you setup the energy cost? There is one value (energy cost today) listed in the Toon integration. How did you use it with the 2 electricity feeds?

I did not, I don’t let HA calculate the cost, as Toon already does this by it self.

OK, then I put it in feed 1 and see what it gives.