Add long term statistics to the TOON integration

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Hello I am new to HA, but I like it a lot.
I am using TOON and that is connected to my energy meter.
Now I want to use the long term statistics to be able to use the HA Energy dashboard.

I also have a Toon, and I use it with the new energy dashboard.
What problem do you have with it?

I get only the option to add meter 1 and 2.
but not the total of 1 and 2. also for return.

Also it gives the tarrif and not the total energy usage.
but when I got to the devices I can find all the info I should need.

I think I found all the devices.
I have added the meter 1 and 2.
And after that I went to the gas meter and enabled the Gas Meter Entiteit

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