Add max_gps_accuracy option in mobile_app integration

Please add support for max_gps_accuracy in the mobile_app integration as seen in the OwnTracks integration.
The accuracy sometimes goes above 1000 meters and the tracker incorrectly reports as home.

There is PR for this request:

Also about the accuracy for home you can check the doc.
You can define a Home zone to override the default radius.

If no configuration is given, the zone integration will create a zone for home. This zone will use location provided in the configuration.yaml file and have a radius of 100 meters. To override this, create a zone configuration and name it ‘Home’ .

Something like:

  # This will override the default home zone
  - name: Home
    latitude: ....
    longitude: ....
    radius: 30

Hopefully this will be fixed soon then :slight_smile:

I’ve already changed my Home zone but when the tracker thinks I’m within a km radius it still reports me inaccurately as home.