Add missing Entities from Zigbee Remote

Hello Guys,

I ordered the folowing Zigbee Remote Control:
AduroSmart ERIA Zigbee

Unfortunately, this Device only allows me to configure 1 Entity: A Switch:

after countless reconfigurations where i still get only this single entity I’m not sure what else can I do to use/activate the other 3 buttons.

Is there a way to manually sniff/add the missing entities into the configuration.yaml?

Any help/hints would be highly appreciated

I do not know the switch, hence do not know if it should be working/supported.
That said, On a normal switch the buttons are not showing up as entities, however as events. Check under developer tools, and listen for “ZHA_event”. When listening, try and press the buttons. If a event shows up, then it works as expected.

im pretty sure buttons dont have entities for each button, but when you go to create an automation you should have all the options for each button ie: single press, double press, hold.

I have the same remote and would like to use it. It would seem to be supported on Zigbee2MQTT(AduroSmart 15090054 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT) but I would like to use it with ZHA as I have home assistant yellow and I am using ZHA.
I am trying to to use the listen ZHA_event but pressing the buttons does not seem to trigger any events. I also tried to listen to all with * and still cannot see any. It seemed to add correctly to the ZHA and the battery level is working. Any ideas what I could do? I already repaired it but still the same problem