add monitor with API access

I have faced some problems adding new Monitor to users with the help of an API. I just tried sample JSON in “Add, Edit or Delete a Monitor” topic. I’m trying this with an axis M-3007 camera, but it just doesn’t work. Any clue about how can i configure THAT JSON sample?
In node js back-end of the app I defined new users and assigned an API key to each of them. Until this point everything is ok.
But when I try to assign a new monitor to define camera for a user, Camera.js restarts repeatedly according to wrong configuration in THAT JSON file. Also I tried creating monitor inside dashboard and it was okay but I can’t do the same through API method.
When I use API to create monitor this is the error I get when I run “pm2 logs” command which is related to configuration of JSON file.
0|camera | TypeError: Cannot read property ‘muser’ of null
0|camera | at Object.s.buildMonitorUrl (/root/Shinobi/libs/monitor.js:68:22)
0|camera | at /root/Shinobi/libs/monitor.js:601:35
0|camera | at FSReqWrap.oncomplete (fs.js:152:21)