Add more features to pjlink integration

Can we add the ability to pull more info from the pjlink integration for projectors. My understanding is that it uses the pypjlink python script which has the ability to pull lamp and errors from a projector. Not just power or changing the source. I was using a custom script to do just this but seeing as this is a integration why not just add the support for those features.

The pjlink integration has no code owner. So someone would need to step up. They’d probably need to set up gui config and modernize the code to get it past a PR.

It is currently set up as a media player, and I don’t think media players in ha know about bulbs and errors. Those would have to be added as sensors, switches or whatever is appropriate.

Also it relies on pypjlink2. Can you get what you want from pypjlink2? If not, it has to be added there first.

Yes it looks like pypjlink2 python script does have refrences to lamps and errors in the code… Im not savvy on how it all works im just dangerous enough to be able to run the script and get some info back if i manually run it on my pc with python so i know i can poll that data so im assuming if I can homeassistant can too. Here is the code if anyone is curious and knows how to do this.