Add multiple usb sticks as raid array on a raspberry pi 3B+ or later

For increased reliability and or speed, it would be nice to be able to configure 2 or more usb sticks as Raid 0, Raid 1 or Raid 10 from the Supervisor or command line. As far as I know it requires a usb raid device, a Debian Supervised install, or using Proxmox over Debian to implement Raid at this point in time.

On (Debian) linux, the md-tools are used to create and manage multi-disk arrays. RAID0 is for speed with no redundancy, RAID1 is for redundancy, RAID10 requires 4 (USB) devices.

Yes, I know how to to install raid on Debian, It’s similar to Ubuntu which I have used as Raid 1 system disk. I only listed all three types as sort of a fyi. I’m really interested in raid 1 on a supervised (non-Debian install and without using a hardware raid enclosure.

Then: Just do it.