Add my mobile device

I somehow got into a situation whereby my Android Samsung Galaxy A70 handset appeared as three separate devices, and my automations were thus a mess. I decided rather negligently, to delete all “SM-705FN” devices [that is the model number for the handset correctly added by HA]. I had presumed, rather ignorantly, that HA would just recreate the device when I next opened up the HA app on the handset. Nope! I it did not.

How on earth do I [re]add my handset to HA

For info and anyone bored enough to want to understand “Why did you have three devices for the same handset?..”
I eventually discovered that the reason I had three devices for the same handset, was because I was sucker-punched by Samsung who rolled out a shite version of Android “Q” that boot-looped some (read ‘many’) samsung handsets. They revoked the software update push but not after many people like myself had tried two or three times to flash the update then have to revert to ODIN and .img files to unbrick the phone by rolling back to Android 9. Anyway, each time I rolled back and before I tried the “Q” update again, I had used HA. Thus each time, HA believed the device to be different than the one before. Time-now, Samsung still havent rolled out a working “Q” update so I’m still on 9.