Add Name to Proximity options

Instead of having to customize each proximity entry, please allow the extra option Name, like:


# Me
    name: Me Home
    zone: home
      - device_tracker.life360_me
    tolerance: 5
    unit_of_measurement: km

instead of having to do:

      friendly_name: Me Home

for one proximity this would be such an issue, but when having a lot, the customize section becomes rather large…
Especially functional now we should add a name in a Lovelace card for each and every entity…

thanks for considering

Is the name not the key?

ie: change me_home to me if that’s what you want it to be called?

No, it isn’t. I should of course have given a better example though…

proximity.me_home, will show in the frontend as me_home, and not Me Home. I’ve edited the first post, sorry for that.

I know we can add names in Lovelace, and though a nuisance this is totally possible. A bigger issue is when we use auto-entities custom card, and we cant do that. Only solution now is set the friendly_name in customize.

Ive tried to set it and it is officially not allowed :wink:

Does this work

  Me Home:

Or maybe

  "Me Home":


I know a lot of integrations won’t have it like that, but groups do so you never know.

A yes, nice suggestion, though Id consider it a hack if it did…

with or without quotes though, got the slug complaint:

Ah well, worth a try :slightly_smiling_face: