Add nanleaf shapes as border router

Im using the thread integration to setup my nanoleaf bulbs. I have nanoleaf shapes configured as a border router. So far so good i even see the borderrouter in the list of “other routers” but how do i get this network to become the default network? Do i need to add it? And if so where do i find the address to add? I cant seem to find the answer on the internet.

Can someone help me out?

As you can see the network is found but i cant do anything with it.

I have the exact same Issue. Any progress on this? The shapes seem to broadcast a lot of services via Avahi zeroconf. I tried adding all those addresses but none of them seems to be compatible with the OTBR API.

Instead of making it the preferred network, have you tried adding it to a preferred network?

U can try to check your nanoleaf app and go to the network details. If you can see the thread network keys, it is possible to add it to HA. The process might be tricky though cuz HA receives TLVs instead of psk