Add Net consumption from SDM630 to configuration

Hello, i configured an SDM630 on HomeAssistant using modbus.
The sensors work well and I can display them in HomeAssistant.
From what I can see, the total kWh adds both import and export. I would also like to show the net total which is import - export. I searched in the manual and I can see that Net kWh exists. Screenshot - 1433bbb878d961f04c4324b74d69e6b0 - Gyazo

I tried adding it in my configuration.yaml file same as other sensors but I can’t manage to figure it out. Right now it displays 0 total.


As you can see down, I tried adding Net kWh by hand since it is not in the full sensor list I have. What can I do to add it correctly and see the Net kWh?

# Net Kwh

      - name: NetKwhSDM630

        address: 396

        count: 2

        data_type: float32

        input_type: input

        precision: 2

        slave: 1

        unit_of_measurement: kwh

        device_class: energy

        state_class: total_increasing

Works 4 me. Wrong Address maybe?