Add new Echo to Alexa Media Player

When I configured Alexa Media Player I only chose one of my Echo devices and now I want to add my other 2 for TTS notifications but can’t figure out how to add them.

I tried just adding them to the core.config_entries, but it does not work and “ha core restart” fails. Perhaps the syntax is incorrect? Or maybe there is another way to do this? I changed the line as shown below.

“include_devices”: “1st echo”,


“include_devices”: “1st echo”,“2nd echo”,“3rd echo”,

Thanks for any help

Undo the changes you made to the .storage files. There is a whole lot of other information required.

Go to Configuration / Integrations / Add integration (button bottom right) and seach for whatever integration you used to add the fist one.

You can define devices in configuration.yaml:

Or maybe a reload within the integration might help.

I did that and have all 3 now. I believe @Joerg solution would work too but I tried this one first.

Thanks a bunch everyone.