Add new trigger to device

First up i am a little new to home assistant and dont know too much, I know the basics but when it comes to custom code i am lost. What i am trying to do is add a sensor or a trigger of some sort to a new zigbee device that i have attached to home assistant. I have the sonoff smart button connected via a zigbee adapter in home assistant it is working and HA can see the device. The issue i have is there is no trigger event to base automations off of the only options i have is battery and identify. If i press the button i will get a log event that shows toggle event was fired but i cant find anyway to add this into a automation. I know there is a way you can create custom sensors though configuration.ymal but i am not sure if i am even thinking of the correct thing.

You cannot add entities to a device.

You can use an Event trigger. There are multiple Blueprints available: ZHA - Sonoff Zigbee Switch, if you don’t feel figuring out the Event trigger for yourself.


If not all expected entities (clusters and attributes) are exposed by default in the ZHA UI then it likely needs a custom ZHA Device Handler (also known as ZHA-quirk) so suggest submitting a new device request support issue to the ZHA Device Handlers repository. Read and follow this section in ZHA docs β†’

If nothing else then you are more likely to get the attention and feedback from quirks developers and experts when posting issues there, also be sure to search issues there using the device signature as keyword to see if find existing issues β†’