Add new Tuya Switch

I ask for help.
There is one TUYA switch. works great with HA. I bought another one. Added to SMART LIFE and run it well. And I can’t add to HA. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

username: &&&&&&&
password: wwwwwwwww
country_code: 972
platform: smart_life

  - service: tuya.force_update
  - service: tuya.pull_devices

does not work

Hello and welcome to the forum. There is currently a big problem with “Tuya”. And as far as I am informed, this is not a problem from HA but it has to do with the manufacturer (Tuya)! Here in the forum there are already several posts about it. Restart HA once, maybe you’re lucky and your new device will be displayed.

Hi !!
Perhaps there is an alternative way to connect ?

The only thing I can think of is that you flash the hardware with “Tuya-Convert”. Or if you have Android devices you can use the Brilliant smart app, it still works with IFTTT, which can then certainly also be integrated into HA