Add Nextbase WiFi-direct dashcam to HA

I’m using a Nextbase 312gw dashcam in the cabin of my travel truck. I would like to add this camera to Home Assistant. In the living unit a Raspberry Pi 5 with Home Assistant is 24/7 running.
The camera has a so called ‘WiFi mode’ it acts as a access point for a so called ‘WiFi-Direct’ or WiFi-p2p connection.

In WiFi mode the port 554 is opened on the 312gw supporting the rtsp protocol:
If i connect my laptop directly to my camera, its possible to view the livestream in VLC.

The Raspberry Pi 5 is connected with a UTP cable to my router (END0).
The WIFI connection (WLAN0) of the RPI is currently not in use. I would like to use this adapter to connect directly to my Nextbase 312 GW camera. The Nextbase would function as accespoint.

Found this project:

But didn’t succeed to establish a connection over wlan between the Raspberry and the Nextbase camera. Maybe because the wifi connection to the camera needs a password.